Trademark Attorney in USA

Trademark Attorney in US

Call Now: 310-943-6352

Trademark Attorney in US

Call Now: 310-943-6352

Call Now: 310-943-6352

Trademark Attorney in USA

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Trademark Attorney in USA

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A generic trademark is a term that has become widely recognized and accepted as the common name for a particular type of product or service rather than identifying a specific brand or source. Unlike distinctive trademarks, which are unique and protect a brand's identity, generic trademarks have lost their ability to indicate a particular source of goods or services and have become synonymous with the general category they represent. Due to this lack of distinctiveness, generic terms cannot be registered or protected as trademark, as they are considered part of the public domain. For example, "computer" is a generic term for the device itself and cannot be exclusively associated with a particular computer brand. Businesses must choose creative, distinctive trademarks with unique origins to ensure legal protection and effective brand recognition.


A descriptive trademark directly conveys characteristics, qualities, or attributes of a product or service, making it informative about the nature of what it represents. Unlike inherently distinctive brands, which are creative and don't immediately describe the product, descriptive trademarks directly describe features, ingredients, functions, or other aspects of the goods or services. Initially, descriptive trademarks are not immediately granted trademark protection, as they lack inherent distinctiveness that helps consumers identify a specific source. However, descriptive trademarks can become protectable if they acquire secondary meaning over time. Secondary meaning develops when consumers associate the descriptive term with a particular brand. This usually requires substantial and consistent use of the mark in commerce, transforming the once-descriptive period into a source identifier.


A suggestive trademark is a type of trademark that hints at the nature, qualities, or characteristics of a product or service without directly describing it. Unlike descriptive brands, which explicitly convey information about the goods or services, suggestive trademarks require consumers to use their imagination or make a mental leap to understand the connection. Suggestive marks provide a subtle yet evocative link between the print and the product, stimulating curiosity and engagement. Suggestive trademarks strike a balance between being memorable and distinctive while giving a slight connection to the product or service. They often involve clever wordplay, metaphor, or imagery that requires consumers to infer the underlying meaning. Due to their inherent distinctiveness, suggestive trademarks are more likely to receive trademark protection without requiring the establishment of secondary importance. They offer a powerful way for businesses to create memorable brand identities while allowing consumers to form meaningful associations with the products or services they represent.

Arbitrary or Fanciful

An arbitrary trademark is a type of trademark that involves using a common word or phrase that has no inherent connection to the product or service it represents. Unlike descriptive or suggestive brands, arbitrary marks are unexpected and create a distinct, unique identity. These marks rely on the contrast between the familiar word and the unrelated product, making them inherently distinctive and memorable. Due to their inherent distinctiveness, arbitrary trademarks are typically granted strong legal protection without the need to establish secondary meaning. They offer businesses a powerful tool to stand out and create lasting impressions, fostering consumer recognition and loyalty by associating a commonplace word with a unique brand identity.


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